Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Munupi Activities

SnorkellingMunupi Lodge is not all about fishing. We offer a variety of holiday activities for the whole family.

  • Walk to historic Fort Dundas
  • Visit the Arts Centre and purchase a memento of your visit
  • Bush walk the adventure trails and tracks surrounding the lodge
  • Enjoy a night out Barramundi spear fishing as is the culture of the traditional Tiwi people
  • Take a crocodile spotting tour with one of the locals
  • Take in all in with a tour of the local bakery
  • Snorkelling

  • Meet the Tiwi people, the traditional owners of the land, learn from their ancestral stories of the dreamtime
  • Simply relax in the spa – no time limit!
  • Try your hand with a game of golf on the nine hole course only 50 metres from Munupi Lodge
  • Get up close with the tropical bushland with a hunting and wildlife trip led by a local Tiwi hunter
  • Go on a bird watching tour of the bush and the wetlands
  • Watch and learn traditional Tiwi dancing
  • Collect and prepare traditional aboriginal bush tucker
  • Visit one of the many Melville Springs – Pookalippi, Kilinpinni, Turracumbi, and Turrucumpi are all perfect places for swimming, snorkeling, diving and the great Australian family picnic. Relax in the secluded crystal clear waters of a deep rain forest spring, each containing spiritual significance to the Tiwi people.