Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge


Testimonial – Mark Berg – TV Presenter

Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge. Below is a testimonial from Australian television presenter Mark Berg from the show Fishing Addictions. Mark Berg is also featured on over half a million fishing DVDs in Australia. In this testimonial, Mark talks about his time at Munupi/Clearwater Lodge and why it’s one of his favourite places to visit and fish.

Rex Hunt

Rex HuntA measure of where I go fishing in my spare time, is if I have been to a certain place and I return as a paying guest. One such place is Munupi Lodge on Melville Island. The lodge offers a perfect base for me to explore some of my favourite Barra estuaries. The Black Jewfish of this region are also the best and most prolific I have found anywhere. I also like to drift along the flats in search of cruising Threadfin salmon. I find the lodge and its facilities to be comfortable and safe and the food is of a very high standard. I can thoroughly endorse Munupi Lodge.

Kind Regards,

Rex Hunt

Ben O’Donoghue
‘Surfing the Menu’

Ben O'DonoghueI think that filming surfing the menu has got to be the best job in Australia. Curtis and I get to go to some amazing places and meet some great people. I think that the time we spent at Munupi Lodge on Melville Island was up their with the best location that we filmed at. I love fishing and I love good food and at Munupi Lodge you get both. The fishing environment is pristine and the hospitality that was shown to us by Michael, Kerri and David was first class, and the food was definitely the best we had the whole third series. I am really looking forward to seeing the episode and hope to be back fishing soon. Munupi Lodge Rocks!

Ben O’Donoghue
Surfing the Menu

What our customers have to say…

Despite not having the greatest time for tides, we all believed it to be the best fishing trip we had ever been on and would certainly have no reservations about recommending it to anyone who wishes to catch an abundance and variety of fish, learning new fishing techniques, or even catching that fish of a lifetime. Living was comfortable, the food sensational (those rissoles are right up there with the Barramundi, Golden Snapper, and chilli crab), and the service and professionalism of the guides were second to none. Thanks again, for my fish of a lifetime.

Richard Konarski
CEO Quest Apartments

Thanks for a fabulous weekend at Munupi Wilderness Lodge. The fishing was superb and I have to say that Rex Hunt was right about it being Australia’s premier fishing spot. Also, having trained and lectured in customer service for many years, even I had something to learn from your operation. No amount of training can substitute for a genuine desire to build rapport with your guests and to understand and exceed your customers expectations and at Munupi, you do all that exceptionally well. I wish you all the best of success in the future and look forward to another (hopefully longer) trip to your amazing location.

Nick Suriano
Quest Apartments

Munupi Lodge in the Northern Territory is a great all rounder for sensational food and a huge fishing variety. The areas flats barra and threadfin sight fishing is outstanding and so are the stocks of black jewfish. Munupi is an exception to the rule.

Micah Adams
Fishing Journalist and Author

During our visit to Australia, we were hosted by Munupi Lodge. Michael & Kezza Benton, together with David Taat, took fantastic care of our every need and showed us the best possible time that can be had in a tropical monsoon.

Never, have we eaten better. They treated these Americans like royalty. You name it, we got it. Except sunshine. When we booked here in Australia, you do not make a reservation, you make a booking. Michael so politely tried to ‘scare us off’ because of the frightful weather but the stubborn Americans needed another adventure and so, David and Michael graciously gave it to us!

The Barramundi is the fish these waters are famous for but my favourite was the powerful Queenfish. David put us on the Barra right off with me missing my first one (the big one, of course) but followed with another great spot. I have read that the Bonefish is the fastest fish in the ocean but I’ll race anyone’s Bonefish with this Queenie! WOW – I thought I’d hooked a torpedo. We could have caught hundreds of Mangrove Jacks and Golden Snapper (they just wouldn’t stay off our line!). I could write pages about the fantastic meals we were always served PLENTY of fresh sushi & Suze loves the pumpkin soup.

Suze and Jim