Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Munupi Guides

The Munupi Fishing Guides

Bringing you an unforgettable fishing experience are The Head Guides at Munupi Wilderness Lodge, Michael Benton and David Taat.

Diversity of Guides

Munupi guides are carefully handpicked from different backgrounds and experiences to create a diverse range of fishing adventures. These are highly regarded professionals, well known in the industry, dedicated to giving you a memorable experience in the best fishing areas.


Michael was born and bred in the Northern Territory and has spent most of his life on the Tiwi Islands. His knowledge and passion for fishing are rarely matched. Michael is married, has three children who attend the local school, and is deeply involved in the community at a grass roots level. His personality is vibrant and colourful, possibly contagious. As Michael so aptly put it, “A guide can make or break a persons experience.”


Michael’s wife Kerri-Ann has been a part of the hospitality and service industry for many years. Her hospitality and friendliness are legendary, almost rivalling her much-publicised culinary skills. Michael, Kerri and David, through close association with the Tiwi People, have built up a comprehensive knowledge of the area and its peoples’ customs. Their vast knowledge of the area is impressive. Having spent half a lifetime on the islands, Michael and David are all too familiar with the estuaries and reefs and how to fish them; their fishing prowess is well known in the industry, to the extent that their advice is much sought-after by locals and visitors alike.


David has guided the best there is – his accolades equal his angling knowledge. David was born in Broome, a son of a Malay pearl diver who worked the pearl-rich waters off the Kimberley Coast.

David has also spent most of his life on the islands; few would know the area better. His professional approach to fishing and instinct leaves no fish safe.


Chris has lived most of his life on the the Tiwi Islands and is the latest addition to Munupi Lodge. Chris, also known as the “gentleman” of guiding, is a force to be reckoned with. We have aptly named him the “encyclopaedia” because of his in-depth knowledge of fishing and fish.